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how to apply

Request an application to apply. Applications are available online (click here to download an application) and can also be mailed upon request.

To qualify, applicants must be 55 years or older and must meet certain income and screening criteria that is outlined in our rental application. The 16 Bank Street Building is made affordable through the assistance of the Connecticut Department of Housing and the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston, and has two levels of income-restricted units. Rent is based on HUD affordable housing guidelines and is not determined as a percentage of income. Applicant’s annual gross household income may not exceed the income limits below:

    50% AMI (8 Units)
    1 Person Household $37,870
    2 Person Household $43,280
    120% AMI (4 Units)
    1 Person Household $90,888
    2 Person Household $103,872

Additional screening criteria apply, including credit, criminal, and landlord references.


(Click here to see APARTMENTS FOR RENT)

(Click here to download our RENTAL HOUSING APPLICATION)